Wrath of the Demon

Action 1990 Dos Dosbox ReadySoft Cartoon

Looks alright but is ultimately empty, unappealing

Wrath of the Demon is an action sidescroller brawler with just a bit of platforming. The problem is that, in spite of the relatively great graphics, the game is a bit empty of challenge. Or, rather, the challenge that it offers you is of the kind that is very shallow. Take for instance one of the mechanics that you'll dabble into for a long time in the game, beating the hell out of critters, large or small: there is no combo system, there is no deeper interaction than being close to the character you're bashing at and hoping he gets hit. Come on, give me something! I mean, the game is like this fairy tale with you, this Rahan character finding yourself in a lot of medieval fantasy testing situations, but the fun of any of them is just lacking. As I said above, at least graphically Wrath of the Demon looks nice. It's a hand drawn world and the animations are alright, were it not for the lack of substance from the technical/interaction stand point. So, thus, Wrath of the Demon just ends up letting you down, although at a first looks you'd think this is a perfectly playable kind of thing. Nope, when I want some cartoon experience, left and right bound, I go for Hercules, that is an immersive barbarian character, left to right action adventure, drawn just as beautifully, if not even better than this one.

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