Guy Spy and the Crystals of Armageddon

Action 1992 Dos Dosbox ReadySoft Cartoon Science Fiction

A laserdisc original, still playable in DOS

If you were one that cared for the so called revolution that the laserdisc had brought upon, in games such as the infamous Dragon's Lair, than, maybe, that timed button press kind of gameplay will still entice you, and offer you sufficient bang for your buck, even today. Because, as you'll soon find out, Guy Spy and the Crystals of Armageddon is a very similar game to Dragon's Lair, for good or for worse. The good is that the animations are better than in your average action game, that is, if you enjoy cartoons rather than actual graphics. However, instead of the cartoony medieval character wielding a sword that was the main character in Dragon's, in this game, you wiled a Rambo type, and your adventure takes you from Americana heavy locales to some other ones that are set in cities. It's a sort of action flick game, that suffers from the same problems as Dragon's did: menial interactivity, frustrating sequences, and a feeling that you have no say in it. At least if it were a nicer produced cartoon... Well, that said, Guy Spy and the Crystals of Armageddon can be a great way to experience the laserdisc, unless of course, you find or emulate the original, case in which this DOS version is a much less graphically enticing variation, with lesser graphical oomph.

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