Happyland Adventures

Action 2000 Windows Free Lunch Design Cartoon Platformer

A colorful sidescroller, great for children

Happyland Adventures is a beautiful sidescroller, featuring light infused, colorful backgrounds and a plethora of characters that are simply adorable. You control a little doggy character that can jump, that can walk about and at times even escalate structures. The game's premise is that you, the happy Dog needs to bring all the inhabitants of happy to safety, a quest that will take you through a myriad of levels, one more colorful than the other. Each level has a number of creatures that you need to save, creatures that are different than the baddie creatures in that they are static and monochrome. Take all the critters to the base (they follow you around, jump if you jump, but are not harmed by enemies) and the level is finished. You can take them to their home one at a time or you can have more than one follow you, which is the best way to do it, as seeing them follow you is just sweet. So, yes, a 16 bit looking adventure sidescroller, with little to no violence, great for kindergarten children or older. Just as nice an adventure is Jazz Jackrabbit 2 a game that is truly worth looking into, if you love 16 bit era DOS sidescrollers.

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