Xmas Lemmings

Puzzle 1991 Dos Dosbox Psygnosis Brainteaser Lemmings variant

For Lemmings collectors only

The Lemmings series should need no real introduction to most gamers, as the games are legendary for their mix of clever and inventive puzzling and bizarrely humorous animal-related shenanigans. However, unless you are an absolute die-hard Lemmings fan who has to play everything ever released bearing that name, you will probably want to give Xmas Lemmings a miss. This isn't because it's a bad game which casts shame on the franchise for evermore, but rather for the simple fact that it's not really a proper game at all and is actually more like a demo that was released to promote the release of Oh No! More Lemmings. The gameplay is of course exactly the same as in that game, which itself was basically the same as the original but which added in more levels, more actions and a few other changes. However, as the name of this current release suggest it is themed around the Christmas holiday season, with levels that are decked out with snow, snowmen and bright, cheery lights, while appropriate music plays in the background and the lemmings themselves are wearing funny Santa hats and coats. For the Lemmings completist, this is worth a look as besides the two levels from Oh No! More Lemmings it also contains two which are exclusive to this edition and which are as entertainingly challenging as ever. However, if you're not such a hardcore fan, you can probably skip this, as the Christmas-themed visuals and audio are probably not enough to warrant much of your time and you are better off sticking with one of the full games.

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