Yogi Bear's Math Adventure

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Counting all those picnic baskets can be a challenge!

With Yogi Bear's Math Adventure you will learn basic numeracy, and will get the hang of counting, subtracting, multiplying and division. The minigames are all math problems, and you have a short time to input the right answer. Most questions will allow you about 30 seconds to find the right answer. Some, however, have a bit more time attached to them, as they are harder and might require breaking them down to more than just one math operation. Graphically, all of these minigames are delivered in 2D, with the help of cartoonish characters from the eponymous series. And, overall, Yogi Bear's Math Adventure is pretty cool, has a lot of colorful and green backgrounds, that offer you this feeling of fun, rather than work, the best way, in my opinion, to deliver a game such as this one. Another great advantage of Yogi Bear's Math Adventure is that it is sufficiently difficult, but never insanely so. Also, with multiple answers to choose from you get a bit of help in finding the right answer. Similarly, download a Super Solvers for other math heavy minigames.

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