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Air Force Commander (pc game)
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  • The office
  • Sariqah Airbase
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  • Radar
  • Status
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  • Al Mirfa Airbase
  • Air Force Commander pc game
  • Friendly unit
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  • Courtesy of My Abandonware.
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Middle Eastern air strategy

This is both a strategy as well as a flight sim type combo deal, a game that while trying to stick to current realities of the era, was not in the game of recreating historical conflicts and the like. Nope, instead it sort of created these multifaceted scenarios that were inspired by real or possible events, thus putting you in a scenario that had the resemblance of truth but was not it, historically. At any rate, it is the diversity of missions and of scenarios that make the game stand out, and therefore, make this game an interesting choice. The AI, the graphics engine and the overall design of the game are okay, work towards keeping you in there; nope, there isn't a lot of diversity, really, but that might not be a problem, given that the game here is a tactical behemoth rather than anything else. I mean, the maps look bland, as they generally simulate heights by color coding and they don't include lots of colors in the palette. Anyway, some will appreciate the oldschool approach of the game, while some will just find it a bit too tedious to be worth going into full tilt. I found it pleasant, nonetheless, but I still think that WW2 Air Force Commander is a more interesting and more approachable type deal!