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Dylan Dog - 01 - La regina delle tenebre (pc game)
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  • If only I brought a flashlight along
  • Game title screen
  • Pink sky? Seriously?!
  • A snapshot extracted from gameplay video.
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Italian adventure for fans of Dylan Dog

This is a classic adventure game featuring a beloved cartoon character known as Dylan Dog, and, unfortunately, it might only be for the most dedicated of such fans, since, other than a few uninteresting puzzles and a boring story, only this main character seems to make any sense in the story, to actually do a good job in the context of the movie. At any rate, if you've heard of Dylan Dog before, this adventure might be for you. It's got a gloomy atmosphere, that, at times, might even remind you of Planescape Torment, soon to realize that the depth of story and level of options in that one were absolutely fantastical. Well, other than that, the game presents you with bland puzzles, mostly in the realm of finding hidden objects and solving very easy logic puzzles. The game also, as a plus, has a nice atmosphere, which indeed offers it a sort of feel that is operatic, and pretty interesting. Also, some action elements creep here and there, too unimpressive though. So, as I said, just for those Italian fans that have heard of Dylan Dog before.