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Future Tactics: The Uprising (pc game)
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Tactical combat into the future

The Uprising (Future Tactics), as the title suggests is a tactical strategy combat game with a simple and conventional plot and an addictive gameplay. The plot in the game is that the human world has been taken over by some evil creatures and they have forced them to live in squalor. They have warlords that are very cunning. No your character in the game is that of a boy who along with his sister and other fighters will have to force these creatures back to where they belong. You will run this team and engage them in tactical combats with the enemy and will also provide them improved and destructive weapons. The level designs in the game are somewhat unique in how you engage in battles and the variety of items to collect in the form of power ups is huge. Many features in the game are customizable and this gives it a lot of replay value. The graphics in the game are really sharp and engaging and the user interface is typically simple and interactive. The music is not in line with the theme of the game but the controls are really smooth and interactive. So it is a must play game and you can try it along with another good game named as Fantasy Wars.