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Gangsters 2 (pc game)
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Looks pretty good

Gangsters 2 is a 2001 real-time strategy game, the sequel to the original Gangsters. You play as a gangster that has to survive in a corrupted city. You can do this by making a team of experts in explosives, guns, driving, assassinations, organized criminal activities, blackmailing, and more as you make a name among your rivals and become rich. So, your actions list and possibilities to reach your targets are almost unlimited. The real satisfaction stays in sabotaging your rivals when they least expect. But, before doing this, analyze them thoroughly and win their trust with alliances. This sequel will inform you more about your actions, giving you a sort of mentor that will offer hints and a proper guidance for you to succeed. The interface allows you to navigate through many windows, to take the best decisions, to move your players to various places. Because of its complexity and detailed look, the developers proved their hard work. They also put an extra effort regarding the AI aspect, your enemies are more determined to kill you. The graphics are also looking nice, so the sounds, unlike the first Gangsters game, where the gameplay was the center of interest. If you want to see the life through the eyes of a real gangster, play this one!