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Gold and Glory: The Road to El Dorado (pc game)
5 out of 5 (9 votes)
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  • Why didn't I bring a sword along...?
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Scour El Dorado for gold and glory!

Gold and Glory: The Road to El Dorado is a proper adventure game, modern in the way it controls, and pretty satisfying to sink into, based around the idea of having a cartoonish, cheerful adventure in the land of gold, El Dorado, during the 15th century. Like a modern Monkey Island, the game is brimful with humor, weird little puzzles and larger spanning puzzles, that will get solved as you take care of the lesser ones. Thus, you always have a few puzzles, goals under your belt, and your mind is silently churning away at them, thus keeping you thoroughly occupied. And so, Gold and Glory: The Road to El Dorado does a great job of it all, graphically, thematically and tone wise. It also controls like a charm, with the classic modern adventure controls well wrapped around the game. Thus, you never really get in trouble (or get bored!) just by trying to combine different objects in your inventory, or, just try and work around a puzzle. Nope, it's lots of fun all the way! So, as you'll find out, this original PS game, was ported to perfection for Windows computers, and it's definitely worth looking into.