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Patton vs Rommel (pc game)
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So what if the Allis won?! You can rewrite history!

Patton vs Rommel is a historically important game, in that it recreates a decisive (and long!) campaign between the German panzer division and the Allies forces. However, this doesn't have to be this way, the game allows you to rewrite history, as its campaign mode doesn't split the game into smaller bits. Nope, you get both troops in their initial starting positions, with their economic situation managed accurately from a historic standpoint, and from there on it is classic wargame altercations, in whatever fashion you see fit, or can manage. Difficulty wise I'd say it's medium, for advanced wargaming fans and probably not the game you'd want to cut your teeth with, if you haven't played other wargames before. But, at any rate, Patton vs Rommel won't frustrate you with hard to learn controls or some innovative but botyhersome feature, nope, it stays true to classic, easily manageable wargaming. At any rate, try Fantasy General for a more relaxing gaming reprise, in between the more energy draining assaults you'll have to engineer in Patton vs Rommel, or go for Panzer General, for a more general purpose wargame focused, as the name suggests, on tank strategizing.