Adventure Pinball: Forgotten Island

Simulation 2001 Windows Electronic Arts Pinball

Unique pinball game

There are a lot of pinball simulations out there, but Forgotten Insland pinball game is very unique and distinct and has a variety of elements in the gameplay compared to other titles. Here the plot is that you will receive a note from your grandfather and the notes promises you that you will experience a lot of fun and adventure where you will counter dinosaur, sharks and other deadly creatures on the lost island. The goal that you have in the game is to save the forgotten island. There is a good variety of 9 different tables in the game and they are interconnected. Some of the tables are already unlocked and the rest will be unlocked as you play and progress in the game. Every table in the game has 2 to 3 different setting on offer and these setting are a lot of fun in terms of adding a unique gameplay every time. The goal unlike other pinball games here is not to score high points but is like chasing sharks and dinosaurs etc. The graphics are very detailed and attractive and they are depicted in the backgrounds and the animations in the gameplay. The game is also very good in terms of the user interface which is quite interactive. The controls are also very responsive and the game is overall very addictive.

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