Alex Higgins World Snooker

Sport 1985 Dos Linden World competition

Great top down snooker, better than expected for 85

For some reason this game manages to raise well enough above the rest of the games that were released in that very same period that tacked cue and cue ball variations. Not only that, but this one wants to recreate not any ball game, but snooker, and, in order to keep it all interesting, this one sure knows how to play its cards great. How is that done? Well, it is done in a very specific manner: by having a mean, badass AI that knows how to defend, how to cut and how to place itself on the table. It not only is a great game to learn Snooker from, it is also a game where you can surely be engaged and have a mean opponent to tackle. Sure, its age shows in the animations, the balls don't roll their numeric value, they are always shown on top, but that is not to say that the physics are not well represented. Quite on the contrary, they are, and that makes it very much playable. Yeah, I didn't manage to make it play via mouse, but learning the keyboard controls takes but a second and the game itself will keep you entertained for lots of sessions. Alternatively, download World Snooker Championship 2005 if you want a modern, 3D game, with much more detail poured into the animations.

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