Huckleberry Hound

Action 1993 Dos Quex Development Cartoon Platformer

Huck the hound in a sidescroller adventure

Huck the hound, which always looked either sleepy or tired, is now set to go on a journey, to finally get a job he'd be good at. So, as you will soon find out, in Huckleberry Hound you will have a lot of hurdles to overcome; the sidescroller levels are filled with loads of enemies, with loads of perilous platforms that need to be traversed. Huckleberry is by no means some very happy go lucky dog, he is not very physical, but when push comes to shove, he has to get it all done. So, overall, Huckleberry Hound needs the space and the time to take care of business, and thus the adventure, with its comic undertones is certainly worth playing, even if at times it might feel a little repetitive. Still, for the most part, in Huckleberry Hound the environments and the detail change enough from level to level to be worth looking into. You also get to move differently through each, as mud is sticky and snow is slippery, while some other tiles are special, as they can be used as teleport areas and so on. So, overall, Huckleberry Hound is a nice, simple, child friendly sidescroller, in the same vein as Super Mario, but nonetheless pretty fun and pretty entertaining.

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