Demon Blue

Action 1992 Dos Dosbox Microvalue Cartoon Platformer

A demon`s sidescroller platformer life!

In Demon Blue you play as a small, child demon, who also happens to be of a blue tinge. He's trapped in the nether world, but he sure doesn't miss a lot of action when he is underground. Therefore, the game offers you a very satisfying dose of sidescroller adventuring, in the good style of the late 80s shareware platformers, even if it emerged later on. There are lots of keys to be collected, a lot of flying humans to be slain and a lot of diamonds and other sparkly objects to be had. Naturally, Demon Blue is a game that is not too diverse, after a while, but manages to offer you increasingly difficult challenges, and not by increasing the number of enemies, but also by adding more challenging puzzles. Sure, most puzzles are based around finding ways to locate your exit, but you also can play for the score, and to gain a higher score, you have to collect as many of the additional elements in each level. Overall, this is a nice DOS like platformer, a retro title that is worthy of playing if you like, say, Xargon or Duke Nukem, the sidescroller.

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