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If you are in your late 20s, you probably have been a part of the trolls craze of the 90s; what happened was that this cartoon characters, trolls, some sort of small gnomish characters with cool colorful heads of hair were featured in all sort of media and merchandise. And, as you'd imagine, also in games! So, here's one of them, an action sidescroller, very colorful, with a healthy dose of puzzles, but never too hard. The idea is that you control one of those trolls, from left to right, in good old fashioned sidescroller style, and you have to reach the end of each level. It's easier said than done mostly because you have to find the right sequence of events to go about solving some of the puzzles that get thrown our way. Don't expect a lot of difficult challenges; it's mostly locating the proper keys, knowing where to jump over the traps and staying away from the enemies. Otherwise it's just a colorful, always eye candy fantastic kind of game, and you will definitely love it. However, it is the kind of game that you will truly love. Similarly, download Captain Dynamo, if you want a simple sidescroller, but one with far fewer colors!

Trolls are actually pretty nice

Trolls is a really interesting platform game (like Donkey Kong) from early 1992 in which you are a troll. No, no the internet kind. The monster-under-the-bed kind. But you are good and you are cute, with big cheeks and hair colored in bright green, purple or red. And in the game, you have a mission to collect little baby trolls that are scattered around the levels. Armed with yoyos you can find almost anywhere, you have to climb bridges, kill enemies and collect the troll babys. By collecting letters, you can access a bonus level, called a bogus level. What is really great about this game is that the surrounding and everything else is in so much colors and it's stunning. Most of the time too much colors would be a bad and distracting, but here it just feels right, it's a great part of the atmosphere and it's blended beautifully making the game even more appealing. The original idea of baby-collecting trolls is also part of the charm in this game and while trolls are supposed to be bad and ugly people, this troll is very cute and charming. The sounds is also good, with typical music for a early ninties platform game. The gameplay is also typical for a platform game, but the colorful surrounding, the cute troll and the very original settings of each level will give you lots and lots of fun.

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