Backyard Soccer MLS Edition

Sport 2001 Windows Infogrames Soccer Humorous Unconventional

Nice soccer game, backyard with kids!

I don't know how your childhood was like, but mine was sprinkled with kids playing in the backyards and with the ad hoc playing of all sort of games. Granted, we didn't always have a ball to play with, but when we had one we usually played soccer. Or what went as soccer when you had to improvise the boots and everything else! Eh, good times! So, this game here, Backyard Soccer MLS Edition kind of recreates that backyard playing of soccer. It sure does a better job than what we used to play back in the day, and so, Backyard Soccer MLS Edition is a nice example of a childhood game done a little too well. Graphically it's still similar to what the games of the era used to be like, a sort of top down game, but, given that it was released back in 2001, after the heyday of the top down games, it sure managed a great game. The cartoonish elements of the game add value to the final product, which, as you'd expect, is a great thing for this game, and you can play it for quite a while. And, it's just, you know, unpretentious fun. Not the kind of FIFA game you play when you want more serious gameplay, but a fun game for when lite and fun gaming is where it's at.

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