Three Stooges, The

Action 1987 Dos Dosbox Cinemaware Cartoon Humorous

A platformer game, but with high stakes; save an orphanage!

The 3 Stooges is a platformer game, based around on the idea that you need to save 5000 dollars in order to prevent a group of high stakes investors from taking over an orphanage. The game is pretty detailed, well produced, and also, it is a pretty satisfying experience from the point of view of the platforming diversity it has, given that its total size is half a megabyte! The idea, similar to that of classic games such as Super Mario, is that you have to find the exit, but in each level, you have to find all the treasure. It's easy enough to do at first, but in later levels it all gets more complex and harder to accomplish. The graphics, DOS 8bit in 2D, look good, and offer you enough diversity and create a good atmosphere, tilted more towards arcade cartoonishness, mostly. A good alternative, if you like simple platforming games can be Dangerous Dave 2 - The Haunted Mansion with more advanced 8bit graphics and much more sprawling levels. Still, The 3 Stooges' premise is more original than that of many other platformer games, and thus, it too should be in your DOS collection.

Very humorous action and strategy game

It is a fun game that is based on a famous TV series and involves the characters that were there. The plot is that the characters have an orphanage house in their village and the bank is about to conduct the foreclosure of the house. Now the stooges or the characters in the game will be doing some suspicious activities to raise money so that the foreclosure can be prevented. The game involves some very hilarious events which were seen in the series as well. Every stage will give you a variety of options to raise money and you will have to select the option which you want to go with. The gameplay is what is exciting in the game as even the bad things will be done in a hilarious fashions and the voices of the characters are also very good. You can really enjoy the game for hours and it has an excellent replay value. The conversations in the game are very hilarious and the graphics are cute enough and pleasing enough to cater your interest. You can call it a turn base strategy but the one with great humor and diversity of options. To go for an alternate, I would recommend you Fast Food.

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