Super Cosplay War Ultra

Action 2003 Windows Alicuu Cartoon Beat em up

Fighter featuring lots of colorful characters

The sheer excitement and adrenaline, filtered through a colorful and rather cartoony environment make this game very exciting to play. This one is not the most egregiously heavy fighter out there, that is, it doesn't ask of you to go out of your way to play it, but even so, what it offers is a good, balanced but very vivacious set of fighters and encounters. The game has a great built in combo system, easy to use and learn, easy to memorize because it has an interesting internal logic, and also, because it doesn't ask of you to use anything in particular, but it slowly shows you what and how to try. The Super Cosplay War Ultra game is thus very nice to play, and at times it can even get to nauseating levels of engagement, so you might want to be careful when picking it up to play. This is not a game you'll want to give up so easily, and instead of a couple of fights, you could end up playing for hours on end, forgetting about other stuff you might have to get done! So, keep this as a statement of quality, but also a warning sign: Super Cosplay War Ultra is as addictive as they get!

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