Buzz Aldrins Race into Space

Strategy 1993 Dos Dosbox Strategic Visions Business

Space strategy game that says a lot

This game has all the originality and the uniqueness which is not common with many of the strategy games. It is based on an adventure that man will always cherish and that is the flight to the moon or the space. Here you will be in command of the complete stocks or the inventory of U.S.S.R and NASA and will direct different space campaigns involving orbitals, sub orbitals both unmanned and manned. You will also have to train astronauts using the best tactics and will have to plan the missions. The space hardware or the tools that are needed to set on a mission will be a part of your research strategy and then you will actually start the launch or the campaign to space missions. The digitized footage in the form of space flights, moonwalk, splashdowns and lunar landing provide this game a lot of attraction and makes it more than just an average strategy game. The game also involves history in the form of the important happening related to space. You have to attain glory through these space missions and have to use your strategy and resources in the most optimal manner. The gameplay is very entertaining and the music is spot on with the theme. so it's a must try game. The game has set the tempo for other good strategy games like Reunion.

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