Caribbean Disaster

Strategy 1995 Windows Ikarion Software Isometric

Colorful adventure game with a dark theme

Ikarion is a German game developer that was mainly known for their range of mature themed adventure games. However the mature elements were not due to the fact that the games made use of sexually explicit themes but rather due to the involving stories that they told with their games. Such is the case with Caribbean Disaster, a game that deals with the aftermath of a plane crash that leads a man stranded on a Caribbean island. What at first looks as a rescue mission later on turn out to be a really intricate and dark plot. However, the games manages to keep a nice overall humor filled tone, granted, a rather black humor, but humor none the less. The game is also very interesting in terms of the multitude of puzzles that it pits you against. Deduction, parlor like puzzle games as well as board game recreations are abundant. Furthermore, the game has a very interesting feel graphically, sort of like a pulp anime, and it will remind you of classics such as Zak McKracken at least in the drawing department. Give it a go if you like mysterious adventure game. This one sure is filled with them.

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