Carmageddon Splat Pack edition

Action 1997 Dos Dosbox Interplay Car and action Unconventional

Addon pack for Carmageddon game

As you're surely familiar with Carmadeggon, it's a racing that took the world by surprising with it's road kill theme. This splatter game is a lot different than other racing games that we've always used to play. Here, not only that you race on a track, but you have a time limit, which you can refill either through taking out an opponent or by killing innocent bystanders that get in your way. These can be men, women and even cows. Another thing is that you can that out the competition by "wasting" them by damaging their car. Be careful though, because in the process you might also damage yours and if you take too much you either no longer have control over your car or be wasted yourself. Luckily, you can repair your car by holding down a button, but that require money to do it. It can be obtained the same way as obtaining time. There are a lot of other great things in Carmageddon, like unlocking new cars, the liberty to explore the whole map, the use of power-ups, being able to drive underwater and the list goes on. Carmageddon Splat Pack is just an expansion pack that includes new cars, new tracks, new environments, network levels and 3Dfx support. Not a game for kids, indeed.

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