Central Intelligence

Strategy 1994 Dos Ocean Empire management Action Simulation

a good chunk of strategic elements

It is a strategy game which is very much like the conventional strategy games in this genre. The plot here is that an island state has been taken over by a military dictator through the power of his army and it is a now a dictator's regime. The interests of your country and some other western countries are vested in the state as it is now the region's largest oil producer. Now your mission in the game is to devise a strategy or a set up to launch a campaign against the dictator president so that democracy can be restored in the regions and the interest of your country can be protected. The game gives you both the option of launching a political campaign in the form of a propaganda against the president and go for a direct military attack. Well it's a strategy game so you have to maintain a balance between the propaganda and the relations that are vital to sustain dialogues. You will be assisted by the previous president who is in favor of the democracy. The game has some very good scenarios where the strategic option to exercise are quite diverse and well drafted. The graphics in the game are good and the UI is even better. The game is fairly above average and is up there with the likes of Warlords 2.

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