Puzzle 1992 Dos Atreid Concept SA Brainteaser

Pattern matching puzzler; Milton Bradley like

Cogito, the original plastic table game, was a puzzler, just like this digitization of it, in which your gameplay idea was to use the levers that come at the edges of the table to arrange some dots (circles) on the table, so as they match a picture. It's easy, as an idea, but at least some of the later arrangements can get a little difficult, but never too difficult. Thus, Cogito is a simple puzzler, produced for kids, mostly, but if you are looking for a simple puzzler game, half time waster, half feel good game, this can sure be it. Also, what you will get from it is a bit of an addictive game, because, even if simple, it does engage you, on more than one level. Graphically, it's got the same colorful, shiny plastic feel like it's real life counterpart. So, those that have had a go at the original might love this just as much. All the rest of us that won't really get caught into it, we do have games such as Color lines to download when a bit harder board and marble game is what we're looking for!

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