Quick The Thunder Rabbit

Action 1994 Dos Dosbox Stywox Cartoon Platformer

The thunder rabbit? Ok, you got my attention!

I'm having a hard time understanding what the developers were thinking that they were doing when they put out this game. On one hand you'd think that with such a name they were either trying to spoof Jazz Jackrabbit or, they were trying to splinter a morsel of the pie that was faster platformer gaming in the period. On the other hand however, if that was the premise, the developers missed the mark on all possible levels. First and foremost, games such as Jazz, were hinged on a player character that was funny, that didn't put you off. But, it seems getting cute just right is not as easy as it sound. This game's assortment of rabbits is blander when they're not just obnoxious or ugly and off putting, and the game is also not much helped by the host of simplistic, uninspired level design. But, maybe the game can still manage to be fun, in a sort of unprepared for punk way? Nope, that hope is soon shattered by the encounter with levels which are almost deplete of any personality whatsoever. So, in all seriousness, I just have to urge you to not give this one a shot, it's not even funny in an unprepared for manner, it is just a blunder for the developers.

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