Garfield: Caught in Act

Action 1995 Windows SEGA Cartoon Platformer

16 bit like platformer starring Garfield

This game is a cartoonish drawn platformer starring an unusually excited and vivacious Garfield. However, the game, which starts out pretty leniently picks up later on, and does so in a fashion that is both well timed and executed. In terms of diversity, you can expect to see quite a lot of the classic challenges of platformers, all sorts of jumps, trying to figure out how to avoid traps while hunting for keys and other trinkets. So, overall, if you manage to fall in love with the style of the graphics, and you're pretty bound to, given that Garfield will work its magic almost instantly, you will find that the game underneath all the cuteness is quite challenging and quite well executed. The only problem that I can find is that some of the later on levels seem to have been produced by re-coloring some of the tilesets used at the beginning, and that can give you a feeling that the game is running in a loop. But, if you play the game in shorter installments, that won't pose a problem to you, not at all. So, final word is, Garfield can make any game better, even this platformer here, which is definitely worth a try.

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