Janitor Joe

Action 1984 Dos Dosbox Kevin Bales Humorous Platformer Puzzle based

Stimulating Puzzle game

It is a platform puzzle game which is really deep in terms of the variety of puzzles that it offers. The plot is very unique and inventive and you will play as a Janitor who works for a company that makes actual and physical game locations which are supported by some great gaming engines. The janitor is taking a break in one of the rooms of the company when he found out that everything is not going well in this real world of gaming. You have to find the flaw with the game and have to figure out how to solve the various puzzles that are there. The forefront or the prime feature of the game is its puzzles which are quite logical and are very inventive. They really give your brain a testing experience and are very interesting. Gadget orientated puzzles have also been incorporated in the game which have the same intensity and toughness like all the other puzzles that are there. The game also has some fine and funny descriptions which help you in solving the puzzles and make the game a lot of fun to play. The A1 is what we call competitive and the UI is fantastic. The graphics are also great but not as good as the puzzles. Doofus is another good puzzle game which I really like.

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