Action 1990 Dos Dosbox Core Design Robots First Person

A ZODIAC cyberpunk investigator`s job never ends!

Things are afoot in this game set in the 21st century, where the lay of the land has been threatened by some issues with the local android/cyberpunk creatures spawned by the Universal Cybernetics Corporation. At any rate, this is a very action oriented RPG, delivered in first person, quite interesting graphically and also, with twists and turns of plot, towards the end that make up for the blander portions in between there. The game is pretty modern for a 91 game, supporting auto mapping as you go about, so you can always be sure if you have visited a certain area or not. Thus, getting lost, even for those that don't have a very good sense of orientation is no longer an issues. I wish System Shock had the same kind of functions, as it is the game this one reminded me of. Sure, the art style and level design is better in System Shock, but nevertheless, these two games share a certain similarity in interaction scheme and setting. Play it, though, it is worth a look if you like early first person games.

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