Quick Majik Adventure

RPG 1991 Dos Neurosport Top down Fantasy

Exploring we will go

This little old-school fantasy dungeon crawler takes bits from games such as Kroz, Rogue and even Dungeons and Dragons and combines them all into one reasonably enjoyable slice of action which is not without its flaws, but which remains good stuff. The game is basically a fairly hefty wodge of rogue-like adventuring, where the player is thrown into 75 dungeons of increasing difficulty and charged with simply surviving, although getting rich is also a good idea too. As with many roguelikes, the levels here are randomly generated, making it a new game every time you play and which adds to the appeal. Each dungeon is of course loaded to the brims with vicious beasties to battle against, as well as chests full of gold and other such treasures, and plenty of cunning traps. There are some interesting options on the controls front, with things like parleying, quaffing and communing with the gods sitting alongside the usual combat options, while there are also some RPG-style elements which allow you to upgrade your character as you survive and explore further. This is pretty simple stuff but is still quite enjoyable for all that, thanks in part to the curious sense of humour which comes across in the descriptions of the unfolding action and the game's determinedly old-school approach. The top down visuals aren't exactly complex either, but maintain some strong personality, with some delightful monster sprites to enjoy. The gameplay is familiar but rarely less than fun, so if you fancy some retro dungeon crawling, take a look here.

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