Defender of The Faith

Arcade 1992 Dos Dosbox Solid Rock Software Myth and legend

Bible inspired bundle of 6 platforming games

Defender of The Faith is an actually good game, for good measure, containing 6 different variations of platforming games. The game's story features the biblical character David, and basically, the game tells his story, from his infancy, being a little sheep seer to later stages of his life. In each stage you have to perform a certain activity; for instance, when David is a small boy he has to guard his sheep against the bears and other critters, and later on, the game offers similar types of challenges, but all of them are delivered in sidescroller, platformer builds. Also, what the game does great is the action, that is based on attacks, as well as on running and jumping, all very well produced. So, overall, Defender of The Faith is a satisfying platformer, with good graphics and an easy to interact with interface; basically you only get about 2 extra buttons except for the directional keys. It's a bit gimmicky, yet it's quite playable. Another relatively good game, bible based as well, is Bible Builder, much more of an edutainment title, yet with fun trivia activities also.

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