Deus Ex GOTY Edition

RPG 2001 Windows Eidos First person Action based Science Fiction Role playing Action Action rpg Fpp Sci fi

A genuinely wonderful world

Deus Ex GOTY Edition is a 2001 action role-playing game, a brand new version of the popular title Deus Ex. A new multiplayer and head-to-head deathmatch modes are added, and also, a software kit which allows you to create and edit your own levels. For those that loved the music in Deus Ex, this edition comes with amazing 30 remixed songs from it. Deus Ex welcomes the player to a genuinely wonderful world, that makes your efforts to go away from it very difficult. Everything in this game is designed completely, with strong features. Beside an RPG, this game is firstly, a FPS, blending the two concepts in a revolutionary manner, that gives you freedom of action. With this freedom you can use many ways to come up with completely different approaches to solve the same problem, to confront your enemies, to get rid of them, being very satisfying to kill them. The main help you can count on is your stealth skills. I found the characters very interesting and spectacular. I strongly advice you not to miss this game that amazes with its excellent graphics, story, nice interface, and great Artificial Intelligence. I don't think there is anything bad or inconvenient about Deus Ex GOTY Edition , maybe the fact that it ends. :) I am certainly glad that it was made a sequel to it.

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