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Imprisoned but not without help; droids to the rescue!

In Captive you play the role of an inmate, who, by chance (!) gets to find a briefcase in his cell. Upon closer inspection you find that inside it lays hidden a computer which is hooked to 4 droid computers which you can interact with directly. You soon find that you can use them to locate yourself, the cell you're in and hopefully find a way to set yourself free! The game is thus a sort of action puzzler, with some strategy bits, as you want your army of 4 droids to survive the encounter and get you out of there. They will have to be controlled through a series of labyrinths, and you get their POV visual feeds, and can control them easily. In terms of looks it sort o reminds of early day Golden Box RPGs, and the occasional encounters are kind of similar to the battles you'd wage in these classic role playing games too. Plus, there are puzzles, there's some stealth and so on. Graphically it looks alright, though the computer in a box with small screens has the potential to grow annoying at times, but, nevertheless Captive does a great job of it all. So, overall, Captive is a fun game, thoroughly playable and really extraordinary in build. A good alternative can be an RPG of the golden box era, such as Eye of the Beholder, which you should definitely give a go.

A classic sci-fi RPG thriller

Captive is a great and renowned sci-fi hit in RPG games which made it fine on the PC version. The plot is that you are an innocent prisoner who has been sent into 250 years of slumber. The task is to gather a crew and break free from your cell in space through controlling different droids and rushing them to various planets for destroying the generators. You will also have to counter space demons and have to solve a variety of puzzles for unlocking different door codes. So it's a great combination of fighting and puzzle solving. One can also use different scientific gadgets which gives the game a novelty feature. The graphics and the game play are very well defined in this PC version as well. Another feature here is that you can allocate the experience points between the attributes which really makes it an exciting RPG. They have also adjusted the bugs in the PC version which has really made the game play smooth and the controls much more effective. Circuit's Edge is the other game to match this exciting Sci-fi RPG game and is really addictive from the word go.

Nice puzzles

Having awoken early from suspended animation, you must free yourself from your space station cell by controlling four droids, sending them down to different planets to blow up the generators, killing monsters and nasties along the way, and solving puzzles and unlocking door codes, this game is well designed and very addictive once you get under way...

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