Don't Go Alone

RPG 1989 Dos Dosbox Accolade First person

The haunted house and the first person Golden Box RPG!

Don't Go Alone (yeah, we got the Zeldaesque nod, wink, wink!) is a first person RPG in the sweet Golden Box style of yore. However, you won't be exploring some subterranean construct, instead you'll be marooned inside this haunted house, quite large, to accommodate a fully fledged game, and quite filled with all sort of spooky creatures. There are the slimes, there are the ghosts, there are those that hide in the darkness of the game's basements and many secrets and traps. Navigate them proficiently, be weary of traps and use your skills and your warrior of necessity, not choice, to get out of there. There is an alchemy portion to the game which is just broken, either that or I'm just not of the intelligence threshold that this game requires, and, also, the game has quite a few other classic RPG action tropes. Not totally uninspired graphically, but it is never too well produced either, so, yeah, it's a bit of hit or miss graphically. But, if you love classic first person RPGs of yore, but are sick of the fantasy setting, here's a bit of a different game. Or, you know, you could just go for Doom, the Roguelike, if you love a twist (or blend of) on classic gameplay styles.

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