Dr Ruth' s Game of Sex

Adult 1986 Dos Avalon Hill Role playing

How much do you know about sex?

The Game of sex is a trivia game as the You Don't Know Jack series, the only difference is that instead of pop culture references and inquiries, you will be trialed about sex and everything that goes with it. The game is not a parody and it isn't spiced with anything lewd or aversive, instead it takes the clinical approach of asking direct question regarding the entire reign of sex, from methods of contraception to obscura of the male and female anatomy. You could very well use this game to learn a thing or two about the perils of an unorganized sexual life, about conception and so much more. As a mechanic intended to prevent cheating or looking up information, your trivia questions will be asked under the pressure of the clock, so you won't be able to find things out if you don't already know them. This could very well be used as a party game, or a game where you and your significant other learn new things about sexuality without making the session feel too weird or out of place. So, give it a try if you're in for some sex queries and want to see how knowledgeable you actually are.

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