Dark Designs II: Closing the Gate

RPG 1990 Dos Softdisk Publishing Top down Fantasy

Minimalist and, well, tolerable, but unfun...

Dark Designs II: Closing the Gate is not a very impressive RPG, built from the same matrix as some of the early Ultima games. However, the difference is in level of detail, difference which is quite big, and not in favor of this game. What made the early Ultima games interesting to try, was the fact that, in spite of limitations to the graphics, they managed to tell a cool story and also, they were handmade, in the sense that the overhead map has some portions that were unexpected, that looked that they were placed there purposefully. But, Dark Designs II: Closing the Gate doesn't really take that road, nope, it mostly manages to be very nondescript all throughout, as if the developers tried hard to keep it as uninspired as they could manage. And, truth be told, that is how Dark Designs II: Closing the Gate feels like a minimalist RPG, graphically unappealing and with a very basic world building technique. And since the game is so uninspired, it just gets boring soon, that is, if you have the patience to learn how to control it, an overtaking that is just not that worthy, especially since the game doesn't really have a lot to offer.

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