F15 Strike Eagle

Simulation 1985 Dos Dosbox Microprose Flight

Fly the F15 in Libya, the Persian Gulf or Vietnam

The F15 sure was one of the best military airplanes out there. It was used for a long period of time by the USA and it was not only a hallmark of great military technology, but also a showcase of pop culture fame and adoration. That is why, this game from 1985 celebrates it in full, of course, to the graphical standards and the type of gameplay possible for the era. Don't raise your eye candy hopes too high if you want to have a chance of actually enjoying this game: remember, it was released for the DOS of that era, plus a similar version ran on the ZX Spectrum, which should give you a good enough idea of how much the game could raise the graphical bar. Anyway, after you are sent to the interrogation screen, the ne that asks you in which front (mission) you want to play (Libya, the Persian Gulf and the Vietnam sky are your options) you are immediately teleported in the cockpit of the plane. Yap, the game plays as a front facing first person experience and it is quite blocky, while the color palette comprises of no more than four colors at a time. There isn't much simulation to be talked about, as the game is very arcadey in its missions: you will have to dodge missiles, shoot down enemy planes and at times drop bombs on the targets. That's the drill for all of the scenarios, the sole exception being that from the first one to the last, the colors are changed, plus the number of enemy planes increases. So, if you feel like trying a more meaty plane arcader, try F117 A - Stealth Fighter 2; you'll fly the replacement plane of the F15 and you'll actually experience modern era gameplay.

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