Jack Nicklaus Signature Edition

Sport 1992 Dos Sculptured Software Golf

Improved version of the original

This game here is a kind of gold version of Jack Nicklaus Unlimited Golf, version which adds a few extras, fixes things here and there and most importantly dramatically improves the graphics of the entire game. Therefore, you'll be happy to know that this game is capable of even more nice looking golf terrains, and, with that, enhanced readability and usability. Of course, don't expect no modern feat, I mean the game was produced in 92 (this enhanced version, the original one was even older) and the game was meant to run on processors that were hundreds of times less powerful then what we now have in our basic smarphones! But, as oldies have showed us time and again, it is not the graphics that make the game, but the experience itself, and in this department I can say that Jack Nicklaus Signature Edition is just as enticing as the latest and greatest gold game! So, if you're looking for an oldie but one that is still great to play, give this one a try. In its golf simulation world it is considered one of the classics, and as I mentioned, because it is really nice to play! Give it a shot!

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