KKND: Krush Kill 'n Destroy Xtreme

Strategy 1997 Windows Melbourne House Real time Science Fiction Sci fi

Kill 'em all!

The original KKND is a solid if unoriginal bit of real time strategy fun that plays pretty much like every other such game from Warcraft to Command & Conquer to Dune 2, but without that extra zap factor which makes these titles such classics. It's enjoyable enough but don't expect anything radically new and you won't be disappointed. This Xtreme edition is the one to pick up if you do need to add to your RTS collection, as it includes an enhanced version of the base game plus fifty new tougher missions. The game is set in a familiar post-apocalyptic wasteland which sees mutants and survivors battling out in a Mad Max-style world, scavenging for resources and smacking the hell out of each other with a wide range of whacky vehicles and units. Everything here is pretty much as you'd expect, with a couple of campaigns to play through, and which require you to send out your units, picking up useful stuff then defeating your enemies by hurling your units at them in real time. The new missions are pretty tough so you might want to wait to play them until you've nailed the main ones first, but if you are a veteran you should have some fun with them. KKND's main problem was never that it was a bad game, it was just too generic to really stand out, and while that issue still remains, the years have been quite kind to it, and it is now a good bit of fun. The visuals are decent enough, while the controls are very easy to pick up, and the missions generally challenging and quite enjoyable. There really are no new gameplay mechanics here but what you do have is a sound bit of entertainment.

A great addition to fans

KKND Xtreme is actually an expanded version of the original KKND real time strategy game, now with new game modes and new missions. It has all 30 missions from the last game with 20 new ones added to the game. The developers have listened to the fan's wishes from around the world and included a few new features - skirmish mode and a host of interface and gameplay movement. Other than that, the game is more or less the same as before. Fans will love the fact that they can now play their favorite game with new missions and features, and new players will have all the first game had and a bit more. The beginner player will probably find similarities with the game Command and Conquer, but there is a bit more than that. KKND is a bit more carefree and definitely funnier, and has other specifications that differ this game from the other. So, give this game a try and find out what is special about this game, have fun and remember to set your alarm to go every hour otherwise you will lose track of time very soon. The KKND series really needed this little addition.

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