Unreal Tournament 3

Action 2007 Windows Midway Games Futuristic 3D action adventure

It's almost unreal

The Unreal games have a similar reputation to the likes of Doom and Wolfenstein 3D in the realms of first-person shooters and are for the most part hugely enjoyable experiences. Unreal Tournament 3 is another fine offering for the franchise and although it's very much a multiplayer affair, there's still some enjoyment to be had for single players. There's a campaign element here, with the background finding you in control of a bad ass guy whose hometown gets destroyed by the evil Necris aliens. He joins up with his sister and two other chaps and together they get transferred to a special ops unit which allows them to take on the aliens in a series of tournament-style encounters. There are also a number of multiplayer options to try out, including the usual Capture the Flag-type modes alongside other more inventive ones like Warfare. Of course, there's also a wide range of weapons to try out on a variety of maps, while machines and vehicles also make an appearance and which help to make the game feel a little different. If you're into your shooters, then there's much to enjoy here. There's not a traditional story-based campaign to play through though, with a greater focus on the tournament-style gameplay that you would expect from the franchise. The maps and modes on offer are very well designed though, with excellent maps that offer heaps of variety, along with the imaginative and suitably destructive weapons. Throw in some lovely visuals, and you have another fine shooter to enjoy.

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