On the Ball: World Cup Edition

Sport 1993 Dos Ascon Soccer World competition

Modern soccer manager, very well rounded

On the Ball: World Cup Edition contains the seed of all the modern amenities that soccer managers have come to be known for at the moment. That means an integrated during a match coach advice option, the regular training, selling and purchasing of players, but, for the first time in the particular style tackled, morale boosting or morale decreasing options for the players. Yap, the psychology of the players, individually and as a theme is known to greatly influence how each game takes place. But, nevertheless, On the Ball: World Cup Edition manages to create its own take on this aspect of the modern soccer game. At any rate, what I mostly liked about the game is the very well rounded way in which the game looks and feels. Each screen and each option is offered to you from its very own managerial screen. However, each of these screens look very much like they are of a game, they don't look like some excel sheet or some other out of context graphical interface. That, coupled with the game's simplified numerical take on the game makes it very enjoyable to play, as you can very easily see how parameters in the game influence the way your players go about the game, keeping the game easy to control. Try out a much later release, 2002 FIFA World Cup for a similar feel and for a similar World cup nation teams assembly.

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