POD Gold

Racing 1997 Windows UBI Soft Futuristic Car and action Arcade Sci fi

Complete version of POD: Planet of Death with the addon included

POD Gold is a complete release of the POD: Planet of Death, plus the addon Back to Hell, the first a racing game, a violent and really well executed one, like a more modern extreme racing game, while the addon is just a pack of extra tracks and vehicles, with a few fixes and tweaks included in there, just for good measure, to create a proper looking, well executed game, that really combo of the both. You will like this racer if you like action racing games, with a cyberpunk edge and with (rather gratuitous!) violence sprinkled in there, for good measure, to keep the game playing very well, and to create the experience that you will really love. Overall, POD Gold is that and everything else, really fun to play, really immersive; it controls like a charm via keyboard and it controls just as well via a steering wheel controller. At any rate, no matter what option you choose, it's not as much about precision driving as it is about creating mayhem, bumping and shoot at your enemies! It's a dark future world in which the races take place, and so, if that kind of perspective is what you are looking for, you can be sure that POD Gold will give you your time's worth. Also, download Destruction Derby too, a game that shares a similar build, and a similar destruction bound template.

A fantastic game, now Windows 7 compatible

POD is a fantastic futuristic racing game which reminds me much of Megarace2 by terms of gameplay and looks. POD Gold is the version compatible with Windows XP, Vista and 7 and it's worth every penny. The game is set on a planet that is in grave danger and everyone else have fled. You and a few buddies are left behind, with only one space ship, and it doesn't have room for all. To resolve this problem, you decide to race for it, and the winner gets to go, and the losers die. You get to drive in 16 great cars on 32 mindblowing tracks, each with their personal theme and setting, so you don't get the feeling you are playing the same race, only with slightly different design. Each race is like the first one - exciting, fun and great. The rules are the same as in Megarace - you have to finish the game and everything is permitted - from bumping to nudging to shoving other cars from your way. The game is adrenaline pumping and fantastic, all with fantastic graphics and extreme detail in the design of the tracks and surroundings. The soundtrack is also very good and raises the mood furthermore. If you like racing game, and especially futuristic ones, this is THE game for you. You should definitely try it out.

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