Quarterstaff: Tomb of Setmoth

RPG 1991 Other MediaGenic Top down Fantasy

The Infocom title not meant for the PC; weird!

If you're interested in the history of gaming in general and that of the PC in special, you will know that Infocom, the infamous text based adventure development company was the main player in this field of work for a very long time. Thus, they are almost eponymous with old school PC gaming, but, this title (almost!) didn't make it to PC. Nope it was a Macintosh game. What it was, was an RPG, text and parser based but also having that windowed exploration bit to it as well. At any rate, it works great, it's really interesting, it has that combination of gameplay elements that really make it stand out and work really great. At any rate, Quarterstaff: Tomb of Setmoth is playable, it has that genuine retro feel and draw to it, and actually a well implemented set of elements that really make it work great. Try it, you will definitely fall in love with it, if you love good old jewels, or want an Infocom title that puts a spin on its classic text based recipe! You'll love it also for the very basic production which shows that you can do great work with a minimalist set of tools.

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