Risk - The World Conquest Game

Simulation 1989 Dos Dosbox Virgin Interactive Board games

Great core game, lots of extra options

Risk - The World Conquest Game is probably one of the most competent RISK recreations of the tabletop classic. Why? Well, for starters the game plays exceptionally well; it's technically proficient and also graphically satisfying. Secondly, the AI is smart, can really take you by surprise (in a positive manner!) and it also offers you different reactions/ different type of gameplay from skirmish to skirmish. It's adaptive, something that was quite rare in RISK games, where the Ai was mostly single minded and only about mindless offensive. Furthermore, Risk - The World Conquest Game is also full of gameplay options that could be said to be extras; you can play against up to 6 virtual or real opponents and you can also choose between three levels of difficulty. The game also has a few different versions, a UK one, a US one, a UK short gameplay mode and also a US short gameplay/short reprise mode. Therefore, the game caters to lots of players and to different gaming scenarios: play at your preferred difficulty by yourself, a short or longer game, against 1 or more enemies, to the difficulty you feel most comfortable with. Great overall, better than the other better than average RISK games, even better than Risk (Virgin, 1991) and best suited for all manner of beginner to advanced players.

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