Space Quest 3 - the Pirates of Pestulon

Adventure 1989 Dos Dosbox Sierra Science Fiction

The space janitor strikes again!

This game concludes the Space (old-school, initial) Quest saga and, while not tying all the loose ends, it kind of cleans the slate, allowing you to sigh with relief and to look back with kind of a satisfied grin on your face. What the protagonist of this game is, is a sort of space Karl Pilkington, a happy go lucky, maybe a simpleton, maybe a mad genius in disguise, or maybe just a bit of a troll that likes to throw stones in the river that an army of intellectuals cannot really pick up. So, ultimately, Space Quest 3 - the Pirates of Pestulon is an absolutely fantastic adventure. I like not to think of it as being in space or about aliens, but more of a game that tries to disguise the fact that it takes and looks at social classes, make fun of them, expose their weaknesses and kind of show how two faced we can be. But, certainly that can be a pretty wayward way of looking at this game, because you can just experience it as an adventure, focused on the puzzles, on the dialogues and so on. The next three games, 4, 5, and 6 will kind of go towards being more self satisfied and smug, I feel, but with 3 and the previous two I feel that both playfulness as well as the unassuming stories worked as a charm. Anyway, feel free to try them all, they're absolutely delightful to play even if aggravating at times, for all sort of petty reasons!

Adevntyure game with amazing graphics

This edition from the space quest series is a classic adventure which has been much improved from the previous one and has given the fans something to cheer about. The whole adventure series has been good but this one has really impressed me because of its brilliant and jaw dropping graphics which have been tagged with some very creative designs, textures and some awesome animations. The plot is Sci-fi where a garbage freighter gets an escape pod and reaches an unknown location where all the adventure and fun will take place. The music in the game is for those who really love hardcore music because it is a bit loud to the liking of those who prefer soft music. However it is quite compatible with the theme of the game. The gameplay in terms of the variety of options is pretty diverse. You will control Roger through an arrow key and make him perform various moves through typing in different commands. The controls are responsive and the gameplay is without any lag. They have managed to achieve the real adventure this game has through some very creative elements that you will counter when you play it. Adventure games like Leisure Suit Larry is another prolific game in this genre.

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