Sports Spectacular

Sport 1988 Dos Keypunch Summer sports

4 simple sports games bundle; Dos application looking!

Sports Spectacular is a bundle of sports games released in 87, containing simple game applications that were not produced with commercial releases in mind initially, but the developers thought that bundled together they might get something out on them So, you've got Archery, Slalom (Olympic Slalom) you've got a game called Par 4, which is, believe it or not a text based golf simulation and an American Football game called Quarterback Crunch, which only goes on to simulate American Football gambits. Graphically all of these productions are minimal; the colors are often a blue background with the game's monochrome or dual color graphics or just back and white. It's not some excessive production style but it works; however the controls, some of which are text based might give you pause, but well, this is the kind of very low key bundle that you'd expect it to take you back controls wise. So, at any rate, Sports Spectacular is definitely worth looking into, as it is a fun game pack and a pretty well produced bundle, given its age and intents.

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