Video Trek 88

Simulation 1982 Dos Windmill Software Space combat

Warp factor 7!

The original Star Trek game on which this is based is a pretty groundbreaking piece of work which introduced the delights of space exploration and combat to early computer-loving nerds. This version retains much of its inspiration's appeal and is thus well worth checking out if you're after a neat slice of retro science fiction fun. The player is given command of the legendary USS Enterprise and charged with taking on the threat of the newly formed Klingon/Romulan Empire which has visions of glory. The universe that is yours to explore is presented as a grid, with numerous enemies lurking out in the darkness and which must be sought out and destroyed before the time limit runs out. You are of course armed to the teeth with photon torpedoes and phasers, while you also have to think about several other elements of the ship, distributing power as needed, while keeping an eye on your fuel and other such details. There are starbases which can be docked with to repair, while combat rears its ugly head with alarming frequency and which proves challenging and fun thanks to the real-time elements found here. While it may appear fairly simple on the surface, this remains an enjoyable piece of strategy/action gaming. There are lots of things to keep you occupied at any one time, meaning you need a good head for command to emerge victorious, while the real-time aspects add to the pressure and the thrill. The visuals are of course about as basic as they come but if you want to kick it old-school and really feel what it's like to command the bridge of the Enterprise, this does the job in fine style. Check out the similarly themed Galaxytrek too.

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