Vietnam: Black Ops 2

Action 2001 Windows ValuSoft Military FPS

I love the smell of napalm in the morning

The original Vietnam: Black Ops was a pretty cheap but not very cheerful first-person shooter set during the eponymous conflict and which was a far cry from other shooters out at the time, like SiN, Blood or Quake 3. This sequel continues in the same general vein as its predecessor and shows itself to be a distinctly low-budget affair that is only really of interest to casual players. The plot is a simple one that will be familiar to anyone who's seen Apocalypse Now and you take the role of an American soldier sent into Cambodia and Vietnam to track down a rogue American special forces operative and then terminate him with extreme prejudice. Your mission takes you through twelve levels which feature a mix of environmental types, including the expected jungles and urban areas, as well as one set inside a huge temple. The gameplay is very typical for the genre, being a linear FPS where you have access to a range of weapons and must simply take out all the bad guys who stand in your way. If you don't go in expecting too much from this, you might just have a decent time. It's certainly fast paced enough, with decent action and lots of shooting but it certainly does show its low budget origins. This is most notable in the visuals which are less than impressive, but also in the general lack of innovation or personality to the whole thing. The controls are fine and the weapons satisfying while the plot is handled reasonably well but at the end of the day, there's little here to recommend this to anyone but the most dedicated of FPS fans.

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