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ASCII arcade/action mix; well done

Viper is a top down action game, with ASCII graphics, in which you control a snake like creature and you have to eat as many of the pellets that are made available. However, here's the catch, you can't just go around in the game without thinking in advance where you are going. That is so because, Viper contains more than just one type of pellets. Some are edible, while others are, well, the kind that just won't be eaten, and when touched they might have some unwanted... explosive effects! Kind of like in the real world with some foods! But, at any rate, with Viper you get three levels of difficulty, each one increasing the speed at which the game runs. So, al in all, Viper offers you a mighty satisfying experience, and thus, it is, without question worth looking into. Another cool thing that this game does is offer you a retro experience that is just hit or miss. You will love the game if you like Snake games. Else, I'd say, something like, CHAMP Ms. Pacman, released just a year prior to this one, will greatly satisfy you if you like Pac Man clones.

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