Strategy 1994 Dos Synthetic Reality War

Boldly go where no one has gone before

Classics like Civilization and Master of Orion have come to typify the 4X genre and while Warpath might not reach quite the same lofty heights as these aforementioned titles, it does a pretty good job in a minimalist kind of way. This one is similar to the likes of the equally enjoyable Spaceward Ho! and if you find the overly serious approach of most examples of the genre to be a bit offputting, then this is the perfect alternative. As ever with this kind of thing, the goal is to xplore, xpand, xploit and xterminate your way through the universe, building up resources, developing fleets, discovering new worlds to colonise and all the other activities which classic sci-fi movies have us believe is so much fun (in a dangerous king of way). This one looks a little simplistic compared to visual feasts such as Imperium Galactica 2 but don't let this fool you as under the basic exterior beats a complex heart and you'll need all your strategic genius in order to emerge victorious. One thing which does make this game more accessible than most is the beer and pretzels approach that is adopted and although there is a lot of depth on offer here, the whole thing is designed to be played out in small chunks, and as such is not quite the all-consuming monster that most games in the genre can end up being. If you've ever been curious about the 4X genre but have been put off by the overwhelming appearance of other games, this really is the perfect introduction. It's got everything you want from such a game but which is packed in such a way to be friendly and welcoming, so if you are curious, dive in here.

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