Winnie the Pooh - In The Hundred Acre Wood

Adventure 1984 Dos Sierra On-Line Cartoon

Edutainment with Winnie, a bit underwhelming graphically

Sure enough, if you take the yellow out of Winnie not much of it must get preserved, isn't it? Well, you'd be wrong, the spirit of Winnie lives on, it lives on even in a game where shades of magenta rule the world. And it does so because the game's interactions, puzzles and other adventure elements are pretty well done. The game asks you to get inside a lot of minigames: there is climbing minigames, there are logic based puzzles, there are games that are all about finding clues in the game world and others that are about other elements, say, object manipulation and so on. None of them could be standalone games, but, all together they are a lot of fun, and also offer you a long lived, well satisfying experience. Yeah, many parents will probably steer clear of this one because of the graphics, but after you get out of that spot, you'll find out that Winnie the Pooh - In The Hundred Acre Wood is very convincing and very much fun. Otherwise, see Winnie the Pooh Preschool, a more graphically enticing game, fun, yet not as diverse gameplay wise.

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